I’m a professional programmer for several languages like JAVA and C#. I had some UNITY projects too and I’ve got some skills in blender for my private projects. My first asset I need to chare are some wallsets like „in the old 2,5D days“ (e.g. Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Lands of Lore). In the asset store were not exactly the walls I wanted, so I created them myself. I hope you enjoy my work. 

Classic Dungeon Crawler Pack LP (Low Poly)

My stuff in the Unity Asset Store

WebGL-Demo of the included Demo-Scene.

6 Low Poly wall-sets for grid-based first person dungeon crawler, inspired by classic games of the 80s/90s.

Themes of the wall-sets:

1. Classic Dungeon Master
2. Sewers (EOB)
3. Dungeons (EOB)
4. Castle (LOL)
5. Manor (LOL)
6. Mine (LOL)

15 meshes for every one of the 6 wall-sets:

  • 1 floor
  • 1 ceiling
  • 6 wall variations
  • 1 pillar for seamless edges
  • 1 doorway
  • 3 door variations
  • 1 stair(way) up
  • 1 stair(way) down

That makes 90 meshes/models.

Including scripts for:

  • build the dungeons
  • moving on grids (waypoints)
  • rotating
  • open/close doors
  • use stairs (teleport logic).

If you need some help with my assets, please feel free to send me a message:

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